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The Freedom Prize is an initiative which aims to raise awareness of freedom, peace and Human rights, inspired by the values of the D-Day landings of 6 June 1944 in Normandy. It is open to young people from all over the world. Organised by the Normandy Region, the Freedom Prize is implemented by the International Institute for Human Rights and Peace, which offers educational support to teachers and students wishing to engage in this project on school time.
Freedom Prize

By questioning freedoms and commitment in today's world, the Freedom Prize encourages people to speak out about the struggles to be fought through the women, men and organizations that carry them. By identifying and understanding current issues, and seeking collective reflection, research, argumentation, empathy and critical thinking, it is particularly involved in the development of students' civic pathways.

Two highlights are particularly suitable for class work: the call for proposals "Our Freedom 2020 Award" and the voting period.

Accompany and train teachers

To familiarize teachers with the teaching methods proposed by the Institute, two days of training were organized Wednesday, November 6 in Rouen and Thursday, November 7 in Caen. 11 teachers took part in the day organized in Rouen and 16 participated in the one organized in Caen.

These two days also allowed us to look back at the different times of the pedagogical accompaniment around the Freedom Prize and to give the teachers a collection of activities that includes different activities that can be done with their students.

Freedom Prize


The Call for Proposals "Our Freedom Prize 2020": questioning students about freedom and commitment

From October to November, the International Institute for Human Rights and Peace intervenes in 16 institutions and 24 classes in Normandy to sensitize 687 students on human rights, peace and freedom.

The interventions propose a selection of activities mobilizing complementary skills and situations of reflection: ability to work in team, to apprehend and to respect the opinion of the other, to argue, to listen actively and to develop a critical spirit. Each activity is an experience that brings students' reflections around a subject that will nourish the exchanges on freedom and commitment but also to guide young people's reflection in their choice of fight to defend, to accompany them in identifying contexts and issues.

The vote: debate with students about citizenship and democracy

A second major period of support will be proposed during the voting period of the 2020 Freedom Prize, which offers the opportunity to debate with young people on citizenship and democracy, while allowing to study, through the example of the three finalists , so many contexts and struggles for freedom in the world.

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